Whether you are lucky enough to be a dog owner or not, chances are you're no stranger to how sweet-natured, loyal and heartwarming these magical furry creatures are. It's nearly impossible to make it through an entire scroll-sesh on Facebook without being confronted by cuteness overload in the form of dogs with their humans, dogs being adorable with one another, dogs being adorable with unlikely animal friends such as teeny tiny pigs, etc.

But for every happy snort laugh that results from watching a puppy sit patiently while his 3 year-old human dresses him for tea, there's usually also a sobering dose of dogs on social media in far less comfortable circumstances. So many dogs who need homes, who have dealt with mind-bogglingly cruel behavior at the hands of the humans they trusted to love them.

It can be downright heartbreaking, and if you're like me, you likely find yourself daydreaming from time to time about selling your house and buying a magically self-maintaining farm (I'm a city girl...even day-dream me is realistic). There, you'd adopt every dog you crossed paths with, be it in real life or on the Book. You'd smother them with crazy-dog-mom love and keep them happily fed and their bellies rubbed; you'd never let them stop feeling secure. You'd spoil the shit out of them. You'd be living your best life. But then you realize your husband is looking at you with a slight roll in his eye, shaking his head because he knows you're an insane person who would fully go through with this if given the chance.


1.) My Spirit Animal Is A Mutt Shirt by MaeDay Rescue

I mean, no argument there...? This 100% cotton tee sends a very clear (not to mention cute) message about your feelings toward all the lovable mutts of the world. Proceeds go directly to MaeDay's rescue and volunteer efforts targeting vulnerable pups all over the Los Angeles area. 


2.) Tricolor Tote by Hendrick & Co.

tricolor tote bag
I Surround Myself With The Best Kind of Friends Shirt

Super-soft and stylishly designed, this shirt is begging to be paired with your favorite denim effortless (read: lazy-girl-approved) weekend look. Peace Love Paws Co. donates portions of their profits to a variety of animal organizations and rescue groups.


4.) Open-Front Blazer by I Love Tyler Madison


Fun fact: there are office-appropriate ways to flaunt your love of everyone's favorite furry friends! Named after the designers' rescue dogs, I Love Tyler Madison is a Canadian-based apparel brand featuring refined, 9-5-ready tops, pants and pencil skirts. A portion of every sale goes to the SPCA and ASPCA.


5.) Pop Art Tank by I Heart Dogs

Puppy pop art? Yes please. I Heart Dogs, in partnership with RescueBank, donates nutrient-packed food to shelter dogs with every sale from their site. They even show you exactly how your purchase will be contributed; this relaxed-fit tank provides 7 meals!


6.) Puppies & Yoga Tank by Puppies Make Me Happy

puppies and yoga puppies make me happy

Puppies Make Me Happy is a happiness-oozing apparel brand delivering high-quality, cheeky AF tops, workout leggings, hats, swimsuits and more. Their products are made in Los Angeles using a locally-sourced fabric blend called PuppySoft, and a portion of all sales are donated to animal groups like Wags & Walks and SoCal Bulldog Rescue.


7.) Pura Vida Bracelet for Best Friends Animal Society

best friends animal society bracelet

We just can't get enough of Pura Vida's vibrant, cause-conscious accessories. A portion of sales from this particular bracelet goes toward Best Friends Animal Society, America's largest no-kill sanctuary, which works to reduce the number of animals entering shelters.


8.) Puppies & Pizza Shirt by Dogs Being Basic

First of all... if you don't follow Dogs Being Basic on Instagram yet, you're depriving yourself of some seriously hilarious, daw-inducing posts. Throw subtlety out the window with this slouchy shirt and proudly declare your love of allll the puppies...and also, pizza. The cheeky brand donates a portion of all sales to various rescue groups and shelters across the country.




Hopefully by now, you've exited out of the tab where you'd been researching available farms for purchase in your area...

There are lots of other ways you can (quite literally) wear your love for pups on your sleeve, without having to learn how to drive a tractor. Any other apparel or accessory brands you love that give back to dog-focused causes? Let us know!