lovely jewelry organized in jewelry box

Adopting a more globally-conscious approach to shopping can feel a little daunting...we get it. You want to support businesses that give back and produce their pieces ethically, but you also don't want to sacrifice quality. Spoiler alert: the new statement necklace you've been daydreaming about treating yourself to? It can be responsibly sourced and stunning. Here are a few of our favorite socially-conscious jewelry brands:


1. Article 22

It took us all of 30 seconds to fall in love with Article 22, the fair-trade jewelry brand named after the universal declaration of human rights.  These industrial-inspired pieces as socially-conscious as it is edgy; their PEACEBOMB collection is made from Vietnam War era bombs by Laotian artisans.


2. The Shine Project


The Shine Project employs at-risk, inner-city teens to make their gorgeous charm bracelets and stacked necklaces (not to mention totes and t-shirts).  Every purchase keeps our city’s youths off the streets, creatively stimulated and, most importantly, focused on their futures.


3. Musana


The Ugandan artisans who make Musana’s chic pieces are as much a part of the ethical brand as the jewelry itself. Their website features individual bios so consumers can learn each artisan’s story and get a better understanding of how their purchase is being put to work.


4. Half United


For every product purchased, Half United donates 7 meals to a child in need. Kind of incredible, no? The brand’s signature pieces feature recycled bullet casings, an item often associated with negativity that they chose to transform into a symbol for good.


5. 31 Bits

In addition to employment, 31 Bits also offers its Ugandan artisans access to counseling, financial training and health education.  Their handmade products are made of recycled beads and, frankly, are drop dead gorgeous.

These are just a few brands we're currently crushing on, but tons of fair-trade jewelry lines pop up all the time. Have a favorite that we didn't mention here? Let us know!