boho chic blonde girl wearing statement rings

Well, kids, festival season is officially upon us. That means lots of free-spirited, weekend-loving 20 somethings will be gathering in the thousands at Coachella and the like to experience their favorite artists perform live in majestic outdoor settings. Besides music, friends and alcohol (festival staples), fashion can also a big part of these 3-day life-loving benders.

Since many festival-goers gravitate toward the same general style choices for the weekend, a lot of the crowd ends up looking like a very boho chic clone army after a while. Just walk into any Urban Outfitters within 72 hours of Weekend 1, and you'll know what I mean...it ain't pretty. I know, because last year I was one of those frantic, fringe-seeking shoppers crowding the store. While it can be hard to stand out in a sea of crop tops and denim cut-offs and flower crowns, festivals are still an awesome opportunity to have fun with your outfit options and really embrace the GoOd ViBeS of such an event. One easy way to separate yourself from the pack? Ditch the mall. Our festival fashion picks are as unique, ethical and stylish as you are.

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Hope you liked this round up! Let us know if you end up scooping any of these bad boys up, or if there's another festival outfit you love.