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Coming home after an otherwise ‘meh’ day and being greeted by a subscription box is the grown-ass woman's equivalent of children on Christmas morning, except you usually don’t know exactly when it’s arriving, so it's arguably even more of a joyous surprise. No doubt about it...subscription boxes are a great way to #TreatYoSelf. Tons of options are out there, but not all of them carry the same caliber of goods.

The 10 picks below deliver gorgeous, thoughtfully compiled products or projects, all of them make the world better in some way, and most importantly, all of them result in a squeal of excitement upon opening.

For the Picky Beauty Lover

Petit Vour

Think of this as the conscientious product junkie’s version of Birchbox. Super affordable and curated to your specific beauty profile, Petit Vour delivers 4 high-end beauty products (ranging from sample to full-sized) to your door every month. No need to stress about ingredients, since they only include items that are 100% cruelty-free, non-toxic and ethically-made. You can also shop for individual products directly on their (super pretty) site.

Frequency: Every Month 

Price Per Box: $15


For the Girly Girl in All of Us

Mission Cute

Equal parts cheerful and charitable, Mission Cute donates 50% of profits to a different non-profit organization each month. These cheeky boxes are filled with curated lifestyle goods ranging from statement earrings and picture frames to encouraging art prints and push pop confetti.

Frequency: Every Month

Price Per Box: $17


For the Conscientiously Chic


This quarterly box features carefully selected products from conscious brands all over the world. Past Causeboxes have included fair trade beauty products, The Giving Keys necklaces, artisan teas, LSTN headphones and Krochet Kids beanies. To date, Causebox has donated 20,000+ meals and continues to support local artisan brands worldwide.

Frequency: Every Season

Price Per Box: 49.95


For that Time of the Month

Le Parcel

Ever dream about legit not having to leave the house or interact with any humans while on your period? Le Parcel feels you. The monthly box includes artisan truffles, a curated gift ranging from jewelry to makeup to artisan goods. You also get up to 25 tampons, pads and liners of your choice. Practical while still indulgent? Yes please.

Frequency: Every month

Price Per Box: $15


For the Ethical Dog Owner

Cruelty Free For You & Me

This is a beauty-loving Crazy Dog Lady’s dream. Cruelty Free For You & Me delivers a monthly box of goodies for both you and your fur baby. Every box includes high quality green beauty products for you, and all-natural treats and toys for your pup. Sort of brilliant?

Frequency: Every Season

Price Per Box: 49.95


For the At-Home Mani

Color Me Monthly

After teaching myself to paint my own nails in college, paying for a manicure is something I try to avoid. That said, I’m constantly changing my polish and wanting to try new colors. Enter: Color Me Monthly. The super affordable monthly box (free shipping yo) delivers a different full-sized, 100% cruelty-free nail polish to you each month. Nothing fancy. Just an effortless way to discover new colors without having to schlep to CVS.

Frequency: Every Month

Price Per Box: $7


For the Curious Traveler

Globe In

You know what’s better than getting a monthly box filled with gorgeous, handcrafted products from all over the world? Getting a monthly basket filled with those goodies. Every beautiful signature basket is woven by a fair trade collective in Mexico receiving fair wages. Globe In compiles unique food and lifestyle finds made by talented artisans from all over the world. There are two tiers of ‘boxes’ available: The Artisan box includes several artisan items either curated by Globe In or selected based on a theme that you pick; The Benefit Basket includes a single item each month, along with information about the artisans who created it.

Frequency: Every Month

Price Per Box:

The Artisan Box - $39.99

The Benefit Basket - $19.95


For the Jewelry Addict

Prix Fixe

The ideal alternative to throwing your precious dollars away on generic mall jewelry, Prix Fixe is a monthly box that delivers several pieces of thoughtfully-curated jewelry right to you. 10% of proceeds go to a charity of your choice every month. You can opt for either the Bargain Box (3+ individual pieces) or the Trend Setter Box (4+ individual pieces). Expect boxes to be filled with polished boho-chic styles. You can browse and buy individual pieces on the site as well.

Frequency: Every Month

Price Per Box:

The Bargain Box - $20

The Trend Setter Box - $30


For The DIY-er

Homegrown Collective

This monthly box delivers locally-sourced ingredients and tools along with straightforward instructions for completing a themed DIY project. Everything you need is included, and it’s a great way to finally try all those recipes you’ve seen on Pinterest for all-natural beauty products like homemade soap or coconut lip balm.

Frequency: Every Month

Price Per Box: $40


For the Lazy Artist

Smart Art

Anyone with artistic inclinations but zero desire to actually compile the materials needed to complete all those Pinterest projects will appreciate Smart Art. Every month, your box comes stocked with all the material, background information and instructions needed to create your masterpiece. Projects are themed around a different artist, culture and art medium each month.

Frequency: Every Month

Price Per Box: $49.95

Everyone deserves to be inspired and delighted, at least once a month. There are so, SO many other monthly/quarterly boxes out there, so it's almost guaranteed that you'll find one you adore. Do you have a favorite that we didn't mention? Let us know so we can check it out.