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It's probably based on our egotistical need to be reassured, but as a whole, most of us love reading about personality traits, and it doesn't take long for us to become convinced we embody most of them. Because of this weird need to define ourselves, there is naturally a plethora of information online about what a certain ‘type’ means, or how to determine if you’re an introvert or an extrovert or an introverted extrovert or an extroverted introvert...or a four-headed flamingo.

It hopefully goes without saying that although some of these various measurements of personality are rooted in science, they really only serve as general markers. Most of us embody traits from both ends of any given personality spectrum; we’re each a unique combination of our environment and our relationships and, yes, our chemical makeup.

But we’re stubborn, control-craving little humans, so we still love subscribing to and subsequently reading up on one concrete ‘type.’ But I've noticed that most of the info out there is focused on praising type A personalities; you know, the traditionally over-achieving, OCD-inclined among us who shudder at the thought of a messy desk; whose competitive nature leads them to sprinkle just about any situation with the kind of high-stakes pressure they thrive on.

Now, Im 'not knocking the A-team at all; their intensity serves its own very important purpose, I just think that type B’ers have our own, often unsung strengths. So I put my very creative brain (*hair flip*) to work to compile a few reasons why I'm proud to be (...mostly) type B, and you should be too! Here's why:

1. You’re Like, So Chill

Unlike your Type A counterparts, people with a predominantly Type B personality tend to handle frustration and irritation with a lot of calm, stress-reducing self-control. This means you’re less likely to freak out at a coworker for accidentally disorganizing your stuff, or snap at your significant other for something you should probably just shrug off.


2. You Strive Under Stress

That deadline that just got moved up? You’re not paralyzed with anxiety over it like some other letters of the alphabet…

Instead, you embrace the new challenge and adjust your sails. You greet unexpected stress with a creative, solution-driven attitude; you adapt. This flexible sense of productivity also means you’re more likely to take risks and bounce back from perceived failures with more ease than Type A’s. Because Type B personalities tend to be ‘big picture’ people, we can gracefully ride the waves of day-to-day mishaps while keeping our eye on the prize.


3. You’re A Collaborator, not a Competitor

Type A individuals tend to, often annoyingly so (....there, we said it), embrace competition in just about every aspect of life, whether they’re vying for a promotion or playing a game of Taboo with friends, but it might be Type B’ers who really have the added ‘edge.’ We tend to view our peers as potential collaborators, not competitors. This means we embrace the exchange and shared-development of ideas with likeminded individuals. Spoiler alert: that’s usually how most inspired, forward-thinking projects come to fruition.

4. You Stop. You Smell The Flowers. Then You Instagram The Flowers.

No matter how busy and ambitious you are, you’re probably still pretty good at ‘enjoying the moment,’ and you proudly consider self-care one of your top priorities. Whether you’re conscious of it or not, Type B individuals are hardwired to appreciate the process of getting where they’re going, even while working steadily toward that end goal. This means you’re more likely to celebrate achievements (both big and small) and feel genuinely satisfied with your life, even if you acknowledge that it's a work in progress.


5. Within You, Without You

Your ability to reflect means not only do you know your true self better than most Type A’s, but you’re also able to connect more easily with others. Naturally creative and curious about the world around them, Type B's tend to be good at talking to people, and, possibly without even realizing it, putting them at ease with their generally laid-back demeanor.


There ya have it, Team B! It’s clear that you are uniquely equipped to create, impact and innovate in a very significant way. The best way to harness all your exciting abilities? Keep it real with yourself, for one. We need to develop self-disciplined methods for staving off the not-so-awesome qualities that inevitably come with that fierce creativity and stress-free work style. Procrastination, laziness and unfulfilled potential will try to sneak in. Cultivate your self-awareness, increase your focus and tell them who’s Boss...