ethical coffee brands

For anyone who very sincerely relies on/loves/is slightly (read: very) dependent on coffee, that first cup in the morning really marks the beginning of each day. But if you’re opting for over-priced, over-hyped options, you might be depriving yourself. The brands below are downright potent, and each of them takes pride in using high quality, earth-friendly ingredients that give back.


1 - Salt Spring Coffee

Family-owned and dedicated to sustainability, Salt Spring is a member of 1% For The Planet and focuses on making delicious coffee with the help of fairly-paid farmers.


2 - Muddy Paws Coffee

Animal lovers, listen up !This small-batch, made to order coffee does more than just wake you up in the morning...it also helps fur-babies in need! Roasted and shipped within 48 hours, a portion from every Muddy Paws sale is donated to various animal charities.


3 - Agape Roasting

This not-for-profit brand was started by a couple of dudes who genuinely love great coffee and wanted to give back. 100% of Agape Roasting’s profits go to a charity, which changes every quarter.


4 - Three Avocados

Rich enough to get you through that dreaded mid-morning meeting, Three Avocados coffee also serves another very important purpose. Proceeds from every purchase help provide clean water to communities in Uganda. To date, they’ve helped over 20,000 individuals.


5 - Conscious Coffee

Made with only certified Organic and Fair Trade ingredients, Conscious Coffee empowers family farmers and has long-term relationships with their growers. They’re dedicated to producing great coffee and educating consumers.


6 - Peace Coffee

Committed to transparency and sustainability, Peace Coffee pays its small-scale farmers industry-leading wages. The brand also gives back, donating a portion of their profits to programs that foster sustainable trade systems.


Java lovers, let us know what you think of our picks, or if there's another brand you love that we missed!