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Let's talk about (responsible, socially-conscious) sex, BaBy.

Whether you're paired up or on the prowl, or happily solo, it's probably safe to say that sex plays some role in your life. Not only has the au natural stress reliever been shown to reduce blood pressure, improve your immune system and improve sleep...it's also pretty fun. Turns out, it can also be socially-conscious! We've rounded up a few of the best eco-friendly, ethically-minded sex accessories on the market.


1. b Condoms

Independently owned and made in the United States, these vegan-friendly condoms are also enhanced with Zinc for maximum sexual function. The b Condoms brand is on a mission to change the conversation about sexual health while producing a premium-quality product that gives back to the community.


2. Good Clean Love

These cruelty-free, Organic personal lubricants offered by Good Clean Love also happen to have science on their side; their product was named safest in its class. Biocompatible and never made with petrochemicals or parabens, the brand also makes adorably-packaged ‘Body Candies’ in yummy scents like Vanilla Chai.


3. Pleasure101 Pleasure Kit

Turns out, your ‘me time’ also has the power to help promote sexual health and wellness in the communities around you. Created by Babeland,10% of all sales of this sexytime starterkit go to Planned Parenthood. The kit includes a lubricant, a mini vibrator and batteries.



4. French Letter Condoms

No, you’re not looking at a bag of artisanal tea. But rest assured, French Letter Condoms are more than just a pretty package. Every condom sold by the U.K.-based brand is made with sustainably harvested, ethically sourced natural latex under Fair Trade conditions. Bonus: They also have a line of lip balms and skincare products that adhere to the same standards.


5. Leaf+

Leaf+ keeps things simple with its line of four different, nature-inspired vibrators. These phthalate-free, silicone-finished toys come in a travel-friendly canvas carrier and with a rechargeable lithium battery.


6. Solar Bullet

A sex toy that can save the world? Okay, maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves...but this solar-powered vibrator is a pretty awesome concept. The two-speed sustainable toy is packaged in environmentally-friendly materials and needs eight hours of exposure to sunlight for a full charge.


There you have it, lovebirds - all the tools you need for sexual health and happiness that also happen to be socially-conscious! Any brands or products we missed? Let us know!