WE THINK the best lifestyle content shouldn't just make us look and feel should also connect us to the rest of the world.

WE BELIEVE that every effort, even our coffee habit and online shopping addiction...has the potential to help make society better. 

WE LIVE the best versions of our individual lives..


Consider LW your ride-or-die ally as you venture into the vast, kind of overwhelming, ultimately very gratifying world that is 'socially-responsible living;' your irreverent, judgement-free resource for improving upon and celebrate your own life, while also connecting to the world around you.

We're creating an online space that doesn't make learning about (+ participating in) ethical fashion and socially-conscious habits feel like a chore.

We know that positive changes take time. Lots of it. We also know that, whether we're quick to admit it or not, all individuals have the power to contribute to that process.

But that won't happen by being preachy. 

Or by pretending we're too busy to be bothered.

Or by assuming someone else will figure it out...

It'll happen, instead, when enough of us decide to actually engage in the conversation; when we decide to live life...while.

I'm Ana-Sophia,

Lifewhile's balance-hungry, Los Angeles-living, dog-loving Founder + Chief Creative Officer.

Together with a team of content creators and community members, my goal is to help change the face of traditional, overly indulgent, often out-of-touch lifestyle content.

By connecting likeminded consumers to high quality, ethically-responsible brands, our hope is that we can all enjoy a personally satisfying life while impacting meaningful change in the world around us.

We're on a mission to make consciousness chic.