BUTTER Elixir Face Oil

BUTTER Elixir Face Oil

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Think of BUTTER Elixir Face Oil as the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" of moisturizers.

Whatever your skin type or complexion concerns, this powerful-yet-gentle cult favorite is versatile enough to deliver whichever soothing, anti-aging, skin-clearing, radiance-boosting results fit you best.

Unlike creams and lotions which tend to sit on top of the skin, this lightweight, 4-ingredient face oil absorbs deep into the dermal layers, so your skin gets a potent surge of nourishing fatty acids, balancing antioxidants and regenerative vitamins A and C (AKA Mother Nature's retinol and collagen) where it needs it most.

Treat yourself to the comforting, transformative powers of  BUTTER Elixir Face Oil goes a long way to comfort and transform your skin 



After cleansing, dispense  2 to 3 drops (or 10...cause this stuff is nuts) into dry hands. Rub palms and gently massage the oil over your face in circular motion.

- Marvel at how glowy you look.



- Apricot oil

- Reship oil

- Argan oil

- Essential Rose oil

- 1oz



A cult-favorite featured in Vogue, Allure, ELLE Magazine The Zoe Report, Harper's Bazaar, and countless others, BUTTER Elixir is an all-natural unisex skincare line made (and founded!) in New York City, the brainchild of three friends who couldn't find a post-yoga moisturizer that met their standards...so they created one. 

The brand's luscious, nutrient-rich oil blends effortlessly melt into even sensitive skin,  Cruelty-free and made without any preservatives, synthetic fragrances, parabens, sulfates or phthalates, BUTTER's minimalist-chic packaging is BPA Free and made from recycled material. Their glass bottles are also rated for Food Grade Safety (AKA ensuring no gross, dangerous toxins sneak their way into your scrumptious skincare products.)