Butter Elixir lip balm

BUTTER Elixir Lip

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Packed with naturally powerful, lip-loving ingredients like Avocado Oil, Beeswax and Hemp, BUTTER's Exilir Lip delivers long-lasting,ultra-nourishing hydration that manages to be both luxuriously rich and lightweight.

This small-but-mighty balm is the key to healthy, pillow-soft lips that feel as good as they look. Incorporate BUTTER's Exilic Lip into other areas of your beauty routine to get even more out of this cult favorite.



- Generously apply to both bottom and top lips throughout the day (and before bed!) to prevent dryness, seal in moisture, and enjoy consistently smooth, supple lips 

- In a circular motion, massage a small amount onto nail beds for improved cuticle and nail texture

- Dab a tiny amount on brows to tame unruly hairs and/or nourish any stragglers who are taking their sweet time growing in




- Soy Bean oil

- Sunflower oil

- Bees Wax

- Hemp oil

- Avocado oil

- Jojoba oil

- Cacao Butter

- Shea Butter

- Vitamin E

- Aloe Vera

- Argan oil

- Vanilla

- Cardamom

- .25 oz



A cult-favorite featured in Vogue, Allure, ELLE Magazine The Zoe Report, Harper's Bazaar, and countless others, BUTTER Elixir is an all-natural unisex skincare line made (and founded!) in New York City, the brainchild of three friends who couldn't find a post-yoga moisturizer that met their standards...so they created one. 

The brand's luscious, nutrient-rich oil blends effortlessly melt into even sensitive skin, nourishing from within to promote a radiant, balanced complexion. Cruelty-free and made without any preservatives, synthetic fragrances, parabens, sulfates or phthalates, BUTTER's minimalist-chic packaging is BPA Free and made from recycled material. Their glass bottles are also rated for Food Grade Safety (AKA ensuring no gross, dangerous toxins sneak their way into your scrumptious skincare products.)